Posted on Mar 14, 2021

Crystal Singing Bowls NZ

NEW Single release Deep Delta Binaural Bliss out now!! 💖💖💖
Deep Delta Binaural Bliss is a therapeutic track created by using two alchemy crystal singing bowls that produce notes with an average of 1.5 Hz difference, which is in the delta wave frequency.
The binaural beat created gradually entrains the brainwaves to this slow wave frequency, which is found in deep sleep. This stage of sleep is reached quickly after falling asleep, and is a dreamless state in which healing and restoration of the body occurs.
Playing the music just before going to sleep will help to take you into deep sleep more quickly and for longer. Playing it all night long is not recommended because it will disturb other cycles of sleep which are also important.
Please do not listen to this track while driving or operating machinery.
Available on #AppleMusic
Also most other streaming platforms.
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